Review N°3: Super Mario World (SNES)

User Rating: 8 | Super Mario World SNES

After the huge good reviews that the Super Mario Bros trilogy received for the Nintendo NES, expectations for the plumber's video game for the future Super Nintendo were high. Just on the day of my birthday (although I wasn't born at the time, LOL), on August 13, 1991 the console was released along with the number four video game of the Nintendo mascot, and what to say that people had nothing to reproach the Japanese company. Most of the things that Super Mario Bros 3 did well were polished and improved in Super Mario World. In this review I will explain the reason for what I am saying and defend my position of why Super Mario World for Super Nintendo is a great title.

For starters, the soundtrack took full advantage of the improved sound effects of the Super Nintendo. The music fits in with the environment and helps the player entertain, as well as being catchy and quite varied. The sound effects, whether it be Mario crushing an enemy, taking an item, or using one of its many powers show a huge improvement over the NES. Something quite innovative and that has nothing to envy to the sound effects of the Sega Genesis, in fact, the game has better sounds than various video games on the Sega console. There is nothing I can reproach him with, seriously, perhaps just the fact that the music is varied only compared to NES video games, since there are several later or even earlier games (Sonic, for example) that do this much better.

The color palette used in this game is very colorful and varied, this has more merit when you think that it was the first game for SNES and it is still one of the most outstanding in this section. The funds are quite detailed to be a platform in which you just have to get from one point to another. The designs of the enemies are still quite original and creative, along with the new power of our plumber (the cape feather), although it does not have the most outstanding design of all, it has one that is quite acceptable and recognizable (In addition to re -They designed Mario's old powers quite well). The visual section is quite enjoyable, wide and "innovative" for future SNES games.

2 super important things are added in this game

- The Cape Feather

- Yoshi

The cape feather was a good inclusion, now our hero can move through the air (something that is a breath of fresh air for some people who complain about the monotony of the levels), it is controlled very well, it is very fluid and has many ways to be used.

On the other hand, Yoshi said "hello" in the Mario Universe. It is a very nice dinosaur that eats enemies! Kill several annoying enemies with one jump, help you get to impossible places and, most importantly, who would refuse to climb on top of such a dinosaur?

Leaving these two jewels aside, obtaining the cape is done at the cost of abandoning many items, from the suits, the boot and the flute, making having the cape in exchange for all those items not worth it at all.

The control of Mario is excellent, yes, but you can not enjoy it to the maximum if you have the good things that Super Mario Bros 3 did.

Leaving that aside, an incredible variety of enemies are added, there are some that are very annoying and killing each one will make you very pleasant.

The game is very entertaining, that's something that every Mario game is, though. Super Mario World, like its predecessor, has a quite useful world map if you want to visit ancient levels. This in SMW is much better echo than in SMB3, since the levels of this game have much more hidden content, to the point that you can spend the entire game without knowing of the existence of other buttons apart from the yellow, whole levels without going As usual in Mario games, shortcuts to complete the adventure much faster. The 7 koopalings are quite solid enemies, their castles are a real challenge with a good difficulty curve and most have a different method of being defeated. I said "most" since I remember even 2 koopalings that expired in the same way as others. That is very disappointing considering that by defeating each one we will enter a new world.

As I said before, the hinder curve is very well balanced, the levels are neither too long nor too short so that you worry about saving the game every three levels. If there is an error that I have to frame in this section, it would be the rendering when several enemies appear at the same time. But outside of this, it is a fairly well done section.

Total: 8/10 (Great)

Overall, Super Mario World is one of the most memorable in the franchise. They have their mistakes, it's true, but that doesn't take away from the great work they've done with level design and worlds (Besides having Yoshi makes it all worth it :P). My name is Santiago Aguilar (Guileion) and this was my review, I hope you like it. :)