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Thought I was having a heart attack once. Which reminds me I should probably get that checked out some day.
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Oh, I've seen that before. It's an electronic bee hive full of robot bees. I'd run if I were you. megagene
This. And they're a right pain to remove once they've established a decent nest; the sound probably means you're too late.
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New York, although I've never been there. Something nice about London too; from the London Eye there is something to look at in every direction, including basically every single landmark. Maybe that's me being slightly biased though :P
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Manchester United, since I can remember. I'm not sure what sparked it exactly, but I'm tempted to say it was a small plastic toy of Ryan Giggs I randomly found when I was about 4 years old. 16 years or so later, I've never looked back. I never really had a local team as such, as we'd moved from London before I can remember, and the place we moved to doesn't have a professional team. Now I've lived in Portsmouth for 2 years for Uni, I somewhat support them and have been to a few matches, but I'm pretty sure one's passion for a team can never truly change, so I will always be a Man Utd supporter at heart. For some reason I never went down the Chelsea path, despite the strong support of them from my dad's side of the family. But then he never used to go to games or talk of them much when I was young anyway.
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I might try it sometime soon. I'll use my usual line of "I'll have a 12-inch Italian please..". Never gets old. Well it does.Yeah, I've never said it.
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2003. What a sad life I lead.
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Yes, I have been cheated on. First boyfriend, too.scorch-62
Same for me. Nothing has ever hurt as much as that, and it took me a long time to get over. But once I did, I found someone far better.
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I absolutely have to use an electric razor, my skin goes red and feels like it's on fire for 1 to 2 hours after using a blade. My skin is just very sensitive though, even showering in plain water can cause irritation all over the place; red blotches and itchiness.
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I can't see the point in me buying it. I'm reasonably happy with Fifa 11, and have no intention of spending another £35-40 on what is essentially the same game. I'll wait until it's cheap or something. I hardly play online anyway due to people rage-quitting; the rate seems to be around 1 in every 3 games people quit from, and it just ruins the whole game. Two players on one console, offline is where Fifa is at its best, if you can tolerate how the game rigs the match (ie, one team suddenly can make all passes successfully, the other team can't get the ball and its impossible to defend, then it switches randomly but never equally).

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I'll take a step back a second and approach this sensibly rather than shout angry abuse at Nintendo. Fact is, the 3DS needs a second slide pad. The extra shoulder buttons are welcome too. If this thing is cheap, I will buy it because I want that extra functionality. Secondly, it's not the end of the world; video game systems have long had addon peripherals and this is just another one.

Clearly though, Nintendo have made some horrific decisions with the 3DS. But at least we're getting them corrected. The price was wrong, the 3D has been over-emphasised and the controls clearly weren't bad, but were lacking. I welcome the 20 free games, and I welcome them actually having the guts to release this thing as a peripheral, rather than waiting for the next 3DS redesign or next gen handheld.

This is Nintendo saying, perhaps indirectly; we screwed up. They should expect a hell of a lot of angry customers though; just because I don't mind this addon, doesn't mean a lot of people won't. And they have every right to be upset or angry. But this, in my opinion, is the only solution to the lack of a second stick/circle pad.