pretty good but They done too much, much too young.

User Rating: 6 | Pathfinder: Kingmaker PC

This is a cool game and I hope they fix it and make it better and do more in the future but they have done themselves no benefits by trying to pack in too much. Getting a kingdom and going from there is a great thing and must games would make that a game in itself. The NPC group is a bit limited and mercenaries are not as good is a flaw in my eyes. The fact that if you go with a few things like lots and lots of animal companion you need not worry about things on the combat front.

One of the most interesting things is perhaps also its worst. The idea of running a town is great but it is also far too ambitious. I never thought I would miss "fetch boots" quests that just worked. The number of kingdom quests at one time is overwhelming and the ones that destroy and end the game can be confusing and also bugged. I hate Baldhill so much because it is an issue but then it isn't an issue but oh no, it was an issue and we just played you. Having to go to other places at certain times dictated by a calendar that I have zero interest in knowing is also something I never want to have to consider. "come back later". No, you tell me how long I have to wait because I am not as invested in the game as those that are designing it. Maybe a camp here for this long option.

That is the main issue. The designers assume everyone wants to learn and read everything. sometimes I will but sometimes I don't and that is what people are like.

Oh, also I hear bugs are also a cause of many of the issues I have mentioned.