Beautiful Game marred by a crappy Ad Campaign or the lack therof and the Egos of gamers.

User Rating: 9 | Pathfinder: Kingmaker PC

The number one complaint I hear about this game, has to do with how people read the news. They see people saying evil things, next thing you know, were all evil. The game is evil. Your evil for thinking the game is not evil. Does this sound odd to you? It should.

The number one complaint I heard about this game, beyond the odd bug (which has most likely been patched by the writing of my review) is about over all difficulty. Bearing in mind, both a story mode and easy mode included. No one who writes these reviews cares. They come from this strange mindset that normal mode is The Game as it was meant to be played and anything other than that is poppycock. Dumb, I know.

Now, I'm playing it on normal mode, because, like many of my favorite game play experiences I like it rough. I don't mind restarting constantly. I'm not allergic to new learning new things. I don't want a game I already owned called Pathfinder, I want a game like Pathfinder to not be like other games. And, the outstandingly good news is, it is not. It's not just like Tyranny, or Pillars or a whole list of other top down crpgs. It is authoritatively it's own damn thing.

Meanwhile, people keep complaining it's just too darn hard. Easy mode, sacrilege. Story mode, might as well destroy my self-worth forever. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Because you can't stand the idea of playing on a lower difficulty setting, punish the game makers by tanking their overall review scores online? How selfishly petty.

Beautiful graphics fit the style of the game perfectly. Audio well done over all. Story moments told in fun creative ways. Combat hard, but almost always our fault for messing up. Easily 80-100 hours of content. Contender up there but just below Divinity Original Sin 2 (same lead writer). People are literally arguing about apples and oranges because their too proud to admit they need to buy pears.