A good game trying to surface from a sea of bugs and impossible difficulty

User Rating: 3 | Pathfinder: Kingmaker PC

You start the game innocently enough by creating your character in the typical fashion of CRPGS. What follows is a short tutorial section, the only balanced place you will find in this game because as soon as you leave this area you are gonna run against the toughest possible enemies imaginable... making anything above Easy difficulty a nightmare, and i'm not talking about situation where you can use your brain to figure out tactics and beat the encounters... i mean running into basically level 6 when you're level 2-3 in the main quest. If you don't enjoy reloading 2000 times then this game is not for you.

Aside from this problem you're gonna run into bugs! The more you advance into the story the more you're gonna have bugs... to the point where your quest log is going to be full of quests you can't complete because of npc not showing up, scripted things not scripting and bad quest order bugs. Ignoring all the bugs and the stupid difficulty level and you still have a problem playing the damn thing because of how bad the quest log is... not explaining anything, where to go or what to do... and you can imagine how that is when half your quest log is full of buggy quests.

After 40hours of playing the game i finally gave up... having reached my limits and its a shame, because if you take out or fix the things i've just mentioned there is a great game here, maybe even better then Pillars or Divinity but it just needed more time in development.

My recommendation would be not to buy this game just yet, wait a couple of months for them to hopefully patch things up.