no matter who you are get this game

User Rating: 10 | Patapon PSP
patapon is one of the best games i evre played on any console it stands out and shines aboves the rest why you may ask well firstly because of its amazing art direction the cute yet cool looking graphics suit the game and the animation is really fluid as for the actual gameplay the learning curve is short but mastering it takes a while and the way the game contains strategy and rpg mixes together great lie the creation of solidiers and adding equipment to them and hunting missions are a great way to get money and supplies and bosses are definatly hard even though i thought the second and first boss where too alike but that may just be me moaning also i didnt like the way you cant redo battles but never the less the game is still great even if a bit hard and my conclusion is that if you own a psp and need a game then get this but i must warn you that it may start eating up your
p.s. to anyone who doent like this game your either really tasteless, stupid or being to much of a critic