A much needed new game for the PSP. A game full of charm, madness, fun, and eyes. A game worthy of your time and money!

User Rating: 9 | Patapon PSP
Patapon, mmm, how would you describe a game like Patapon? Ok let's have a shot!
Patapon is a Rhythm based, RTS, Role-playing game that is very cute, unique, and has game play ideas by the buckets. It is nice to see a game in this day and age that is still original. I just wish other developers would push the boat out and come up with more original games. If you have a PSP you owe it to the developers and yourself to buy this game. My PSP had been gathering dust for a while there… It's great to dust it off and be reminded why I bought one in the first place.

The game looks great, sounds great, and plays great!

The only snag I found was that some of the miracle moves (beats) were a bit hard to pull off during battle. That may just be down to my lack of tunefulness though.

On a last note I would like to say… Long live the Pata, Pata, Patapons!!!