few things make us feel good about war, however Patapon delivers it in such a way that war becomes an addictive song.

User Rating: 9 | Patapon PSP
in a world where violence in common place, few things make us feel good about it, however Patapon delivers it in such a way that war becomes an addictive song.

The Game takes you with the tribe of Patapon, a eye ball tribe that were once great, but have fallen on hard times, this is where the player comes in. You are the Almighty, the God of the Patapons, you can order them to hunt for food, attack, march, defend and focus. The way you do this is what makes the game so unique. The system is by rhythmically tapping the Face Buttons in time to the beat of the screen. Each button makes a different sound, e.g. the square button is PATA and 0 is PON, by just these 2 buttons you can march or attack, with the triangle button being CHAKA and X being DON variations can occur.

Customization also occurs heavily in Patapon. As each battle you win new items can be found and these items can be equipped to your army to increase strength, speed and defence, along with this by combining different meats obtained with different items you can create entirely new soldiers. The soldiers are split into different classes each with strengths and weaknesses ranging from infantry, spear throwers, horse men and archers and many more

Mini games are also in the game, one of the earliest being in the form of a trumpeter who plays in tune to a tree and if successful, the tree can drop items that can also upgrade troops, providing even more options as well as an option to get a cook who can help your troops.

however, as with all games it does carry some flaws, After a combo of 10 successful rhythms you can enter FEVER mode, although this is a great idea it is often hard to maintain this mode and can quickly end just as soon as it starts. Also when starting the game the controls although sounding easy can be hard to master however after a few hunts it gradually becomes Easier and its addictiveness factor increases each time you successfully manage a tune.

As a Concept you cannot fault it, it is ingenious idea and game in a rather
shooter filled world. If you give it a try it will surely have you playing it whilst tapping your toes and bobbing your head whilst singing the tune pata pata pata pon!.