Fun,yet it doesnt appeal to me.the whole game is repetitive and it doesnt have a good replay value because it repetitive

User Rating: 6.5 | Patapon PSP
Alot of people will probably hate me for this review, but atleast im being honest? right? give me some credit for giving my oppinnion. anyway. the game is alot of fun, its unique, its for everyone and deserves a good place for an award also not to mention you got a game for $20, but the only thing i cant stand of this game is that it keeps repeating itself, same background same enemies and the same music. i admit i had a good time with it, but its way of repeating itself, over and over again really got to me. a new area seems the same to me, i liked the way they used rhythm in the game, but i would rather play guitar heroes rather than playing this game. i recommend this game to people who likes simplicity of the gameplay, easy fun and most especially a good way to kill some time. i dont recommend this game to people who are really into online gaming.