Patapon! A game where you use rhythm to battle fierce monsters and an evil army! Oh noooo!

User Rating: 8.5 | Patapon PSP
An interesting story of control war like tribe people to battle fierce monsters and an evil army to the sound of your "war drums." In this adventure you are the "Mighty Patapon" an god I suppose to the battle pons. You have to use rhythm to make them, move , battle
to defeat the evil enemies of the patapons the "Zigotons" and to save there land "Earthend."

The game play is pretty fun and hard to put down especially if your love rhythm games. You have to use button rhythms to advance you patapons, attack, and other interesting things. While you're on a mission with you patapons theres other things to do like the tree of mather were you can summon different warrior patapons to use in your army. To do so you need to acquire items from your missions.

Patapons is a pretty interesting game. Really one of those "out of the box" games. So go pick up patapon for the psp. It's cheap anyway.