Operation Flashpoint : Its not all flash- old but still combat worthy !!!

User Rating: 7.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
Hello people, One think that i must remember while writing this review is that this game was launched in 2001 and its been 9 years since then

* Its a masterpiece- A solid single player campaign with a good number of stand alone single missions thrown in
* It has al lthe elements a good first person shooter should have
* its damm realistic
* It has a good variety of weapons and vehicles that the player gets to get his hands on
* Some missions provide you with the chance to control the squad and other armoured vehicles
* the most important characteristic that even some latest high-end fps lac is the ability to immerse you into the game which amazingly is the strong point of this old game; you feel like you are in the middle of a modern battlefield- with the radio chatter thrown in along with the chaos of battle
* it has stealth elements to make for some tense play

THE BAD [ rather things i dont like]:
* it isnt your shoot them all style of game like call of duty series . Sometimes realism seems to take away the fun from the game- you hardly get close quater combat. combat is always anywhre from 300-100 yards distance.
* be prepared for a quick death
* one save option is irritating at best as the missions are 20-30 minutes long
* its quite hard to gain a control of your squad - unless you master the controls they will end up all dead before youspot the enemy.
* there is a lackof hotkeys for commands
*graphics are dated, its from 2001 !!!!
*its kind of low on replayability
*vehicles controls are average- it isnt a simulator
*its too real....

too sum it up.... it might be old and have a few hitches but its one of those games you cant afford to miss....its a must play
i did rate it atleast 9 but you have to see it value today and i did say 7.5