Possibly the most immersive game ever.

User Rating: 10 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
Operation Flashpoint is one of the best games i've ever played. Maybe that 10/10 score is a bit too high but seriously, this game has entertained me for so many hours. The main reason for this is that there's just so much to do, the combat and gameplay is extremely realistic and you can drive pretty much any vehicle you see.

A first-time player will probably argue about the games difficulty. You die in 1 or 2 shots but that's part of what makes the game so immersive. Unlike most shooters, you're just as vunrable as your enemy. You have to use military tactics to survive. About 95% of the time, going in all guns blazing fails and you just end up wasted. You can barely shoot while running because you just cant aim, you basically have to crouch or even go prone for th best accuracy. Infantry combat is just totally intense.

There are over 30 vehicles to drive too. Let's take a tank. When you choose the tank, say, you get 3 options for the position: driver, gunner and commander, each as important as the other. In your average game you will be doing all these at once but in Flashpoint you have to take just 1 job make it much more realistic. There's also jet planes and helicopters to fly.

There's tons of missions in stock- campaigns single missions, multiplayer missions...each very varied. As well as the preset missions you get the editor which allows you to easily create your own with hardly any limits. This just adds so much more to the game whether you want to build a serious objective-based mission or if you just want to create a massive all-out battle.

The graphics are dated nowadays but they get the job done well. The islands are absolutely huge and things like forrests, towns and mountains look pretty good in general. Yes, there old graphics but they are acceptable.

The sound is pretty good- realistic gun sounds are there along with some OK voice-acting in cut-scenes. While in combat you get radio messeges from yourself and squadmates etc which, while realistic in what they are actually saying, sound like a robot or something making me laugh whenever I play. Example: 'Where are you?' '1 position alpha hotel 52'.

Overall Operation Flashpoint isn't a combat game, it's a combat simulation. It's that realistic. I think every PC gamer should try this one.