This game is old now, but the simulation is still amazing.

User Rating: 8.7 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
This is no ordinary First-person-shooter. In fact I can't really call it a game. Its more like a simulation. When you play it, it actually feels like a simulation.
At a first glance, it may look like a terribly outdated game. Ok, I have to admit texturing could have been better, but it means old systems can play the game. There are also plenty of clippings, and somehow I can rotate my head completely when a passenger in a jeep. But these are all very minor problems when you actually play the game.
You get to play as several characters, each with their own missions: An infantryman, who gets promoted later on in the game and you lead large operations, a Spec-Ops who has to undertake high-risk missions in which stealth, suprise and speed is the key, a helicopter pilot and a tank commander. THis means you get to do basically everything you'd want to.
In combat, you'll spend most of your time rushing alonside your allies..and do whatever they do. They are vital in combat. Sadly their AI is a bit wierd sometimes and they all die pretty quickly. Once three of them rushed off on their own. Don't know why, and they charged a machinegun post. The first got shot, the second kept running and got shot, then the shot.
Also, the enemy are accurate. Too accurate. In fact they are more accurate than you. Once, I was with my squad on a hill. A high hill. I used my scope and saw an enemy patrol. They were a spec on my screen, and they started firing. One killed my medic, then another man. I doubt that would happen in real life. My squad was also in PRONE position (I believe our camo was'nt good enough). But you will get over this. It actually improves how you play, forcing you to make a more stealthy approach and use cover.
The game's sounds are good, but I have to say, the soldiers sound like robots. "One, Fall back" "Two, engage infantry" "Three, engage infantry" "Four, engage BMP" "Five, Fall back". But luckily they sund realistic enough.
Everything else in the game is great, although I would have liked the game to be a bit more of an action game, but hey, its a simulation!
An important point is the AMAZING modding community. On the BI forums, you get replies within minutes, and the number of high quality mods is uncountable. For thos people who want a perfect game, download these mods!
Hope Bohemia are successful in their next games.