Its what I have been waiting for!

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360
It continues the story that I wanted to read and know about. It gives the evolution back into 'combat evolved'. 343 did a wonderful job and their desire to do things right really shines through. Thanks guys. I have yet to play the multiplier though. So far I have only had time to dive into the career mode. Another thing - the CG in the cut-scenes is incredible, the best I have ever seen. The AI is fresh and gives a new feel to the play our favorite character shooter. So far, I also have enjoyed seeing the paths of the story cross together and come to a unified purpose. That is great story telling in my opinion. I must admit, originally I had concerns with a new team taking over Bungie's baby, but I am glad for the active loyalty that has been shown to make sure Master Chief is still the Master chief we have all known and that the only changes in the Halo universe we see in Halo 4 is further development of the lore and the conveyance of that development to the audience.