review 98

User Rating: 10 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360
the wait is over my review is in halo 4 you have 2 discs.1 is the game 2 is to install war games and spartan ops and mapmaking mode to disc takes 8 gb i heard and it took a lot from me but thats okay because this is the best game of all time.first thing is graphics.there is a reason why there is 2 discs.the graphics are amazing.the textures all look good and cortana is just as hot as catwoman in Batman Arkham City.cortana in the other games was just okay.speaking of cortana she can think herself to death by this weird thing and Master Chief has to save her.there is this new villian named The Didact and he has a great voice sadly he dies at the end by a gernade.the ending is very sad with a scene with chief and cortana in this weird all know lasky from forward unto dawn well he is here too and to understand him watch forward unto dawn on youtube or on dvd on december hows multiplayer or war games.its have all kinds of modes like infinty slayer free for all and flood is back.spartan ops is these episodes and each episode has 5 levels and you play as the awesome you can design a spartan and level him or her up.the more you level up the more you get stuff like new armor helmets poses.spartan ops is fun and episode 3 came out and there might only be 5 just like halo 4 forward unto is there anything wrong with this game.well no.the last thing i want to talk about is halo 5 and the new xbox console.i am excited for Halo 5 and there will be a new trilogy like they said at e3 2011 so halo 4 5 and 6 si the new trilogy and let me just say it is off to a great start.