At first it's like eating cheese cake for the first time but after a while you get tired of it and see more flaws...

User Rating: 6 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360

This is gonna be short and to the point.

Graphics are great but dont add to the game overall, it's like they think we are so stupid that if they make the graphics really good we wont notice all the glaring problems with the game.

The a mixed bag, but sucking a little more each time I play. For one thing at first I was amazing at this always a high score and my friends played it regulary...Now I dont do very good because there is little reason to, you will get points no matter what, the cap is 130 and a larg amount of the players have reached it already. I actually liked Reach's better because it gave people a better reason to put more effort in it. No one uses team work or skill in this game, and most importantly no one hardly uses the damn mic which is a huge downer. I already am bored with the game and the stories unoriginaly design of go from point a too b and just shoot everything is rather dull and repetitive. Chief is taken down quite a few notches in this, he isn't a bad ass soldier in this. He is a little too emotional and makes too many mistakes. He doesn't feel or play like the Chief.

Music isn't bad but has too much singing and it's kinda bad. I prefer Halo CE music that one was perfect and none of them have been able to get that level of awesomeness.

Game design is lacking. I dont want a damn Call of Halo, take out those worthless perks and just make it you and the gun, take out sprinting makes the map too small, takes away skill level needed. Add more weapons that are balanced, add twice the maps. The maps friggin suck! it's pretty much just 2 maps and everyone just uses dmr farther making the game boring.

The ai sucks hard in this game. Please bring back the Flood at least they could get away with it, the forerunners are pretty pathetic and lame in this.

Yes this is a rather harsh review and I dont care this is their first official Halo game if they played the first one then you would think they would invision the game more of that direction than being a cod knock off. It's like Soap had butt sex with the chief and cortana and this game happened....In all honestly it's pretty good but only for the short term, as the months go by just look at the population of players and you will see it's almost at nothing NOW imagine a year from now, it will basically be where Halo 3 is.

Sorry Halo but you are not aging well at all. No matter how pretty your graphics are you are being a total whore, get a job and get some self respect asap!

I must say as an update the mp is unplayable anymore. I dont remember it being that terrible starting off I had great kdr, but I cant stand it anymore they have changed the balances of weapons and vehicles and well vehicles mine as well be made of paper, and your so called super armor mine as well be made of paper too. This is a poorly done cod spin off of cod. I dont play this anymore. The single player is the only think even remotely worth playing and even that gets stale with it's less than stellar ai, and boring choice of enemies. BRING THE FLOOD BACK PLEASE.