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Most Helpful Positive Player Reviews

  • Rating:9

    Grab your friends to take on the Monovision menace!

    Powerful combustion engines roar to life, machine guns and artillery shells are loaded up, defensive measures drop to the ground, and then the swarm floods the battlefield. Welcome to Iron Brigade. Double Fine Produc... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:8

    In capitalist America, we bear arms In soviet Russia, we arm bears

    Iron Brigade/ Trenched had a rough start, with IP issues in EU, delayed patches and finally the limited longevity. Finally before the DLC, all those problems are been solved by Double Fine and Microsoft.This dlc will ext... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:7

    Definately worth playing but won't hold your attention for long.

    Iron Brigade is a frustrating game, I love it's style and customization options greatly which made me wish the game wasn't over so quicky. I purchased Iron Brigade because it reminded me of another mech-style game I grea... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:8

    A Rare breed.

    Graphics: 9.0 (the best looking Arcade game -technical) Gameplay: 8.0 (very enjoyable, x4 with Coop) Sound: 8.5 (humor, great voice acting) Value: 8.0 (standard gameplay, may not be suitable to certain groups, a lot o... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:8.5

    Trenched seamlessly combines tower defense and Mech combat to create a satisfying adventure.

    Trenched is the latest downloadable game from Double Fine Productions and differs greatly from their previous titles in one major way. While Double Fine's previous forays into downloadable games have relied largely on th... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:10

    Just one more go.

    My eyes are red, my head feels funny and my body is suffering from lack of sleep. Trenched is one of those games who's simplicity sucks you in but the incredible depth and diversity keeps you there. The customization of ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:9.5

    A unique tower defense game that's very hard to put down.

    This game came out of nowhere and I decided to buy it on impulse, partly because of my friend liking it and the fact that it got good reviews overall, and of course because I got a good vibe out of the demo. Well, let... Read Full Review

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