Definately worth playing but won't hold your attention for long.

User Rating: 7 | Trenched X360
Iron Brigade is a frustrating game, I love it's style and customization options greatly which made me wish the game wasn't over so quicky. I purchased Iron Brigade because it reminded me of another mech-style game I greatly enjoyed called Chromehounds and was not disappointed. The combat is fast and very fun with a friend or two and the unlockable weapons and trench parts really keep you addicted. Unfortunately, it's very easy to unlock every part and clear every mission in only 3-4 days. While I greatly enjoyed those days, still...3-4 days just isn't enough to make me recommend running out and purchasing it. It's very easy to finish the campaign in one sitting and the survival mode feels tacked on with no variety for maps or modes. You can return to previous levels to try and score a gold medal rating, but even that won't take you too long. Once you've unlocked all the weapons it can still be enjoyable to blast enemeis to bits but you won't feel anywhere near as addicted as you originally were.

Still, Iron Brigade is more enjoyable than most tower defense games on XBLA and I certainly hope we see a sequel, I just can't help but feel like the game didn't occupy me as long as it should have.