A Rare breed.

User Rating: 8 | Trenched X360
Graphics: 9.0 (the best looking Arcade game -technical)
Gameplay: 8.0 (very enjoyable, x4 with Coop)
Sound: 8.5 (humor, great voice acting)
Value: 8.0 (standard gameplay, may not be suitable to certain groups, a lot of ideas were scrap for a $15 game)

Tower defence game have evolve over the years, last year theres toy soldiers and this year we have a mech.... i mean mobile trench based tower defence. In trenched, the action looks for you.

- only mech game this year (if steel battalion delayed)
- mech based action game with tower defense
- 4 coop online, with each mech has its own specific role.
- a very good mech game with good variety of customization (for an arcade)
- a rather balance game (standard, Assault, Engineer Chassis)
- Its all about the LOOT, think Borderlands

- no team deathmatch , period.
- no split screen
- disappointing launch (4 player coop lag bug, Trenched missing in Marketplace)
- Can be rather short, if ur not into level and loot grinding with or without friends
- easy enemy ai

conclusion: Its well worth digging into!