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User Rating: 8 | Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear X360
Iron Brigade/ Trenched had a rough start, with IP issues in EU, delayed patches and finally the limited longevity. Finally before the DLC, all those problems are been solved by Double Fine and Microsoft.This dlc will extend its contents further in Mars.

Rise of the Martian Bear dlc give players a lot more weapons to customise your trench(about x2 more), added 1~2 type of mech chassis, tonnes of marines costume to unlock and 1 Mars campaign (5 missions) and 2 survival mode (swamp & settlement).

the dlc added several more tubes type that are alot more tougher than the original. Technically players are playing on the 4th campaign, and are expected to be level 10 and above.

Price at 400msp ($5), provide huge content to extend the longevity of the game. 4th campaign itself clock about 4hrs. I high recommend players to get this dlc if you already own trenched/iron brigade. However, if iron brigade does not interest you, this dlc will not.