Did the PS1 play a significant role in your childhood?

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#101 Posted by vinter (11 posts) -

Had some fond memories of the original PS1 group of friends over playing Tekken 3.. good times!

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#102 Posted by goldenavenger2 (12 posts) -

@bronzeheart92: It's the first gaming console that I really remember (I had a SNES that I can barely remember) and it was the first console that I "got good" at playing games. I had Crash, Spyro, Final Fantasy, Oddworld, and some *terrible* Power Rangers game where you had to rescue people from fires or some shit - I loved it.

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#103 Posted by Robbie23 (368 posts) -

Yes, it had a massive impact on my childhood because the first game I played was silent Hill and it scared ths crap out of me.

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#104 Posted by robert_sparkes (3103 posts) -

Destruction Derby was great also remember playing v rally a lot.

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#105 Posted by Speeny (1786 posts) -

Yep. First console I got on my 5th birthday. With it...Monsters Inc. and Atlantis The Lost Empire. (Pretty sure it was a bundle at the time.)