Did the PS1 play a significant role in your childhood?

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#51 Posted by TwinsUltra64 (2 posts) -

Hell Yeah, and the PS1 still have better games compared to today gaming(the only great games that this and last generation offered me was Demon's Souls, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1, I need to play Persona 5).

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#52 Posted by Logout89 (15 posts) -

The 1st my console was PS2.

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#53 Posted by rhoadsxiommi (75 posts) -

The thing i hated about ps1 compared to other systems at the time (specifically n64) were the load times.

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#54 Posted by NeonZeon (10 posts) -

No , not at all.

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#56 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (19149 posts) -

It sure did... it was the first console I bought with my own money. And started my love affair with gaming.

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#60 Posted by Johndmgs (323 posts) -

I'd say it did. I didn't play it as actively as the PS2 but it was the console that got me into gaming. Some of the games I remember playing on it are Speed Freaks, 40 Winks, Crash Bandicoot, Colin Mcrae Rally and the original GTA.

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#61 Edited by BlazingHabanero (14 posts) -

Absolutely! In fact it was my first home console. I lost so many hours to the PlayStation. My first game was PaRappa, and shortly thereafter I discovered a little obscure franchise known as Final Fantasy and my childhood was over from that point on.

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#62 Posted by Longsnout (181 posts) -

Yes but I don't recall that many great games from it. The SNES (previous console) had a better repertoire. The PS2 as well.

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#63 Posted by theforaeyes (3 posts) -

Duuuh, I am playing since almost thirty years and still so into it ;)

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#64 Posted by Seiki_sands (1946 posts) -

Not really, but the Metal Gear Solid demo got me back into gaming after a five year hiatus. "Whose footprints are these?" were revelatory words for me. That and the cinematic in-game opening opened my mind to the possibilities of the art form.

Grew up on the NES and arcades, with a bit of Atari 2600 and Apple II thrown in here and there. Graduated to the SNES and Genesis, and then abandoned the hobby.

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#65 Posted by robert_sparkes (3227 posts) -

I grew up on mega drive but the PS1 played a big part in the late 90's. Remember getting my first ps with ridge Racer great memories.

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#66 Posted by askerofgameQs (11 posts) -

No, not particularly.

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#67 Posted by Gaming-Planet (20005 posts) -

Hell yes!

It defined gaming for me. So many genres!

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#68 Posted by Marmotas (2943 posts) -

Yes, it wasnt my first console (that would be Atari 2600), but definitely the most special i think. A mix between my age, time of getting the console, and social situation. Everything made it the perfect console to ave at that time.

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#69 Posted by Acog (7 posts) -

Of course first game I played was ESPN extreme games on my cousins ps1 im going back to probably 1995 or 94 for that game I believe then not long after it I got a playstation one for xmas and kicked it of with FIFA 97 and TEKKEN.

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#74 Posted by robert_sparkes (3227 posts) -

PS1 was a massive upgrade from the mega drive. Remember putting in ridge Racer being blown away then played FIFA and that was it. PS1 in my top 3 of all time.

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#75 Edited by OmegaTau (894 posts) -

NES: I was small child loved Mario and tecmo bowl etc....

snes : I was getting a little older loved Mario, star fox ,zelda etc......

ps1: I was in 5th grade going unto middle school prop around the time I took gaming very seriously when I started to really play a lot of different games other then just Nintendo stuff because grouwing up all I thought existed was Nintendo and playstation won me over as my first choice to get my console gaming fix

(got into PC games to around this time)

so yes for me it was

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#76 Posted by CeltMage (32 posts) -

The first console I played was the NES but it was my little nieces so I didn't buy anything, just played her Mario, or Duck Hunt if I was drop dead bored then a friend turned me on to Tecmo Bowl which was awesome fun back then, we were working for a Volunteer Fire Dept. and out of state and brought that with us and played season after season with bad teams, Chicago was so easy to go undefeated with the running game, right, left, right, left, etc. But the SNES was much more fun, F-Zero made me buy one of those myself but that's all I had besides Super Tecmo Bowl, then I was paralyzed sometime later and got the NES and boy did I buy a lot of games, and then had an even 100 with the PS2, (but PC for online FPS) and countless with the PS3 so yes the PS1 was the console that REALLY got me into gaming.

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#77 Posted by Nanashi_Fox (12 posts) -

Thinking back, I was quite amazed by the PS1, but later didn't really care about it too much. I was only able to play games at a neighbour's house. I remember playing some Final Fantasy games as well as some Rayman games, but I wasn't able to finish most of them.

Some years ago I tried to play some PS1 games again since I got a used one for myself, but the plays aged really bad. Most of the ones I remember playing back then just feel so slow and boring to me now. And other games which were recommended to me feel as slow and chunky as well.

So yeah... It never left too much of an impact to me, that's why it was pretty hard to go back to a PS system again.

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#79 Posted by Irisqt (8 posts) -

I didn't even know about all those older consoles and handhelds when I was younger lol

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#80 Posted by Blazepanzer24 (195 posts) -

The Playstation one introduced me to dedicated console gaming back in 98, starting with Grand Trusimo. Afterward I received NASCAR 98 and F-1 in that order. My First non racing video game was Crash Bandiocoot Warpped, followed by Spyro the Dragon.

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#81 Posted by TurboGraphix (496 posts) -

I still remember the day like yesterday.

It was Christmas '95.

Outside the ground was full of snow, and the air was cold.

The heat was crankin' and the coffee was brewin'.

Our Christmas dish was cooking on the stove.

I was a wee young lad in New York at 4 yrs of age.

My two brothers were done opening all the "smaller" gifts, and saved all the big gifts for last.

One of my brothers opened up a Playstation with a copy of Marvel Super Heroes.

That was probably my favorite Christmas moment and it wasn't my gift.

My brothers and I were just all happy we were able to obtain one.

For the next few years, I'd grow up watching my brothers play so many games from Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Street Fighter Alpha series, Marvel VS series, Tekken, Gran Turismo, Spyro, etc.

Until this wee young lad was not so little anymore, and I can't remember what year exactly it was but I had obtained the slim PS one for Christmas.

The first game I got with it was Final Fantasy IX.

I was blown away by the graphics on a 19" sharp crt.

The colors popped, and so did my mind and heart with love and laughter. Provided by the best of family.

Oh boy, I'll never forget those years.

*Plays the Playstation 4theGamers video in the background*

*Starts saving up for the ps4 pro since I don't have a ps4 yet*

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#82 Posted by Mad70_ (0 posts) -

PS1 was my childhood. The games were so fantastic back in the day!!

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#83 Posted by l34052 (3902 posts) -

I smile when I see threads like this. I was in my early 20s when the playstation dropped.

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#84 Posted by Blueresident87 (5825 posts) -

Not for me. The PS1 is a console I explored more of and became more familiar with in my early 20's.

Atari and NES were my childhood consoles, SNES at the tail end.

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#85 Posted by MagnusZerock (27 posts) -

Heck yeah! Who doesn't remember Spryo the Dragon? FFVII? Classic games right there. My favorite games were definitely Rocket Power and Tony Hawk. Can't go wrong with games like those.

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#86 Edited by PSPlusPlus (2 posts) -

I was more of a N64 kid back in the day, but I definitely played my fair share of PS1. Once the PS2 came out, I was firmly in the PlayStation family.

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#87 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (19149 posts) -

It sure did... it was the first console that I personally owned (we had consoles before it, but they were family consoles).

Have great memories playing the Crash games, Gran Turismo, Formula 1, Time Crisis, Syphon Filter... good times.

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#88 Posted by TheDarkWolf86 (587 posts) -

Did the PS1 play a significant role in your childhood?

To be completely honest. Yes and No. I started playing the SNES and Sega Genesis before the PS1 was developed. Granted, the PS1 brought many types of games to the table; Resident Evil, Command & Conquer, Jet Moto, Star Wars: Dark Forces, etc. but I give credit to the SNES and SG. Even today I still find myself plugging in that beast of a power plug and play the SNES with my kids when I have the time. Those were exciting times regardless of what system one played. Now...everything is pretty much the same and many developers have established a quick and easy fix to get money rather than focus on the games/stories themselves.

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#89 Posted by sparky_55 (5 posts) -

Somewhat. I remember a few fun games that I like. The Emperor's New Groove, Monsters Inc. Scream Team, oh and I can't forget Lego Island 2.

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#90 Posted by Razor_Sharp1997 (10 posts) -

I grew up playing PS1. Crash, SyphonFilter, Tekken. Loved Crash Team Racing, remember how everyone was saying it was like Mario Kart but for PS.
The childhood...Good memories! :D

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#91 Posted by Davmat123 (3 posts) -

Yes, PlayStation one had some killer games! My favorite game was The finial Fantasy Tactics and Street Fighter Alpha 3

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#92 Edited by DaVillain- (37475 posts) -

To me, it kinda did. I was there, during the console wars between Nintendo vs Sony after the backflash between those two, I got the N64 & PS1. But there was just one game that made me get a PS1 in the first place.....Beast Wars: Transformers game! It was also the era when Beast Wars was getting so popular as a great 3D action tv series, I had to get the game. And later, Sony made Ape Escape and so many great games. PS1 did play in my childhood but the SNES did it for me already.

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#93 Posted by LunaKindred (0 posts) -

For me, it did. It was a way for me to escape reality, aside from watching anime and listening to Linkin Park and Korn. Tactical games like Front Mission 3 and Final Fantasy tactics tested my brain. Suikoden 2 and Final Fantasy 7 made me interested to write my own stories. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a classic!

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#94 Posted by takspeed (256 posts) -

I grew up playing my gba and pc (where I played doom 100% of the time)

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#95 Posted by robert_sparkes (3227 posts) -

Thinking back the PS1 played a massive part of my childhood remember playing crash for the first time. Finally getting a good thq wrestling game on the system with smackdown which was brilliant. So many great memories with that system.

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#96 Posted by uninspiredcup (34311 posts) -

Yep, mainly Resident Evil. First game good. Second game holy shit.

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#97 Edited by robert_sparkes (3227 posts) -

@uninspiredcup: remember playing RE director's cut for the first time that game freaked me out. The opening scene in the dining room when the zombie looks up. 😱

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#98 Edited by NukleaWorfair (320 posts) -

My early childhood was Nintendo, I was even a member of the Nintendo club. I remember I got the SNES for my birthday at 10 although I got that the same year the Playstation was released in Japan, but all I did was play soccer games and Mario. The PSX as it was back then was a birthday present when I was 13. And I was blown away by it. First time I played Resident Evil was amazing to me, Destruction Derby 2, even Grand Theft Auto. There was NOTHING like Grand Theft Auto. I couldn't believe you could steal a car and shoot pedestrians in a video game.

The PS1 is the reason I ended up getting a PS2, PS3 and PS4. So it did play a big role. It was my favorite generation of gaming along with last gen. Metal Gear Solid was something else too. What's funny is that I always remember my friend talking about the N64 being the "most powerful games console ever" and bragging about it because he was going to get one. He already made the first mistake in getting a Saturn and sold that.... a few months after getting the N64 on launch, he sold that too and ending up getting a PS1.

Plus the PS1 was easily chipped. It was like everyone was doing it and selling games for really cheap.

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#99 Posted by robert_sparkes (3227 posts) -

Used to get 3 for £10 at a local boot sale. Luck of the draw if they were black and white or not.

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#100 Posted by JordanPlayz158 (5 posts) -

@bronzeheart92: No the PS1 didn't play a significant role in my childhood.