Fallen Earth promises to keep you entertained for a long time, if you are the open-minded sort.

User Rating: 10 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
When I first started in the character creation in Fallen Earth, the only thing that I was thinking in the back of my mind was "Oh my, this is going to be another boring MMO," but that was not so. The character creation may look complicated because it is so alien, but it's really like most MMO's. I'm used to fantasy MMO's and I'm used to where everything is. For example, the classes you choose are usually on the left and on the right is the overall 'look' of your character.

However, in Fallen Earth; there ARE no classes! I was already worried going into the tutorial thinking I chose the wrong class. However, I realized there were no classes by the end of the tutorial. The tutorial was extremely helpful. If this is your first time playing Fallen Earth, be sure to play through the tutorial as you will understand how everything is done. You will also see how Fallen Earth is not like many MMO's out there.

Anyways, after the tutorial you are thrown into an underground bunker in the Nevada desert. Of course, you wouldn't realize it yet when you first venture into the world from a LifeNet Pod (a pod that ressurects you after you die) as you are still underground and you begin to learn about your surroundings. To be honest, I thought I was in some sort of laboratory.

The combat system is great. There are many things that are good about it if you're an avid FPS player; but if you're a generic MMO player, it could prove to be frustrating. Everything you attack is in real time. If you miss your shots through a scope in a sniper rifle, well...you missed your shot. If you get a head-shot, you do extra damage and you have the potential for a one-shot kill. It's difficult if you aren't as great in First Person Shooters. How are you going to level up without being able to kill anything? I've got news for you, reader; you can level up without even raising a weapon!

That's right. Remember when I mentioned I couldn't choose a class in the beginning of the game? That's because you can be whatever you want to be without having to choose it. You can literally be a scientist that spends their time constructing high-tech vehicles for war and level up that way. Or a miner who sells their goods for profit. A businessman, a military officer, an assassin, a doctor, ANYTHING you want to be. By anything I mean anything in this post-apocalyptic world of course. You can't be an office worker if all the offices have been levelled by nukes.

Onto PvP. The PvP in this game is very entertaining, especially when you are in a massive war. You may join one of the six factions in this game, create something like a guild and take over cities and territories in the name of your faction. I've already been involved in one great war fighting for a city. However, due to the large amount of players and the rain of bullets coming my way, neither side lasted very long charging at each other. Sniper bullets coming from one side, machine gun fire coming from another; and the sound of your teammate's cries as they fall to the ground incapacitated make you feel like you're on the battlefield yourself. Going prone and ducking for cover is very useful. Before you go to war, however, you will need weapons if you plan to survive.

Crafting is the best way to make high-end weapons as it's all customized. You can make vehicles, clothes, weapons and more. Making sure you have the best gear possible could mean life or death on the wasteland, and, if you choose to be a soldier; on the battlefield. Crafting contributes to the economy which is run by the Auction House.

Try this game. It's going free-to-play on October 12th, so you might as well get a head start now and try the 14 day trial. You won't regret trying it, I guarantee it. If you enjoy HUGE maps, HUGE battles, a large variety of things to craft, and ragdoll physics, you will enjoy this game. It's free so you've got nothing to lose (except your head if you don't keep it down from those dang snipers!). I wish you luck venturing into the wasteland and if you do have a couple of bullets on your belt, don't waste them.