something fun

User Rating: 7.5 | Fable Heroes X360
ok so we all know Fable Heroes is not a game thats ment to be serious but more of a fun Fable spin off. offline online its all very easy and fun but playing online with some buddys dose make it much more offline is good for unlocking stuff. and geting achievements the games not very long and can be beat with in 1hour but theres reson to go back and play as unlocking new dolls and weps make re playing fun after you beat it once you unlock the dark world ver it dose mix stuff up somewhat anyway this games a good game not a great one but if your looking for a party hack n slasher with a bit of rpg in it then give it a try verdict 7.5 the good. fun gameplay very easy to enjoy. graphics are very cool looking. the bad very short boss fights are too easy. most mini games are lame. side note have fun