Got it for half price, and it feels like a half priced adventure.

User Rating: 4.5 | Fable Heroes X360
Fable Heroes is an XBOX Live Arcade title that retails for 800 Microsoft Points. So is it worth it? Not at that price it isn't, but I got it on sale for 400 Microsoft Points earlier in the year and decided to take it for a spin regardless of it's faults. Combat takes place via hack n' slash and you go across a linear path each level. In the levels you are usually given the chance towards the end to branch to the left or right. Sometimes this could be going down one path in a mine cart, and the other hacking your way to victory up against a boss.

When the level is completed you come across a board style game similar to a board game, roll dice, and this is how you level up. Each level can be beaten in 5 to 10 minutes, and you can get through both the Light and Dark side of Albion within an hour and half with little challenge.

Fable heroes does add a few positives to the mix, but you need to weigh the options first. The achievements are easy to obtain, and has a total of 400 for your gamerscore. The other is you can transfer the gold from this game you earn to Fable: the Journey. All in all though I don't recommend Fable: Heroes at all, it's shallow experience that I doubt too many people will want to come back to. Do yourself a favor and download a better game for your buck.