A great example,of a simple concept,turned into a fun and addicting game.

User Rating: 8 | Dr. Mario GB
With the puzzle genre already over-populated in the Gameboy's case,its hard for anything in the genre to really stand out.Though Dr.Mario does stand out.I'll begin with the presentation.Top Notch.The game is really detailed,for a Gameboy of course,and is pretty colorful when playing on the GBC.There's no major problems with the graphics either.

The music is fantastic.Its really fast paced like other puzzle games,and keeps your blood pumping.Other sound effects such as when you destroy an enemy,sound great,with that classic bleep straight out of the Atari age.

The game play is simple,yet effective in providing addicting,solid,and outrageous fun.Its similar to Tetris or Yoshi's Cookie,because the game has putting the same type of an object in the same row.Though,in Dr.Mario,the theme has a lot more charm.Being Dr.Mario,your job is to kill viruses,these viruses must be taken out by stacking the same color pills on top of the same color virus monster.Its an easy game to pick up and play,but it can be a "extremely" tough at higher levels.

Some worser aspects for Dr.Mario?Well Dr.Mario seems to similar to games like the already mentioned Tetris and Yoshi's Cookie,but it easily ranks up with those games.

Final Verdict:Dr.Mario is another great puzzle game for your Gameboy,and one to look into.