Might as well be playing a new (ha!) Bioshock with Batman Arkham City-like stealth. Oh, and the story is abysmal.

User Rating: 5 | Dishonored X360
The gameplay is interesting, but plays so similarly to Bioshock that I'd anticipate Andrew Ryan's voice every time the loudspeakers chimed. The setting didn't seem to quite fit, and appeared more like a lot of good looking ideas in the drawing stages that were forgotten before the game was finished. Trying to fit the different technologies together while maintaining a historic-like backdrop was a mistake, and one that should have been noticed and corrected early on. None of the villains are quite a match for you as you go, not nearly as much as the maps themselves end up being. I got so sick of collecting maps around the city to have them simply convert straight to cash... GIVE ME A MAP SO I KNOW WHERE THE NORTH SIDE OF THE STREET THAT YOU'RE HINTING AT IN A NOTE IS!!!! Just one of the many flaws that had you scratching your head, going HUH? Like the Outsider... he completely failed to really fit in the story. He seemed to absolutely loathe my character by the end of the game. Apparently I was too nice. Overall, rent it for a few days but don't go for the buy. It's just not worth it. MISH-MASH