Revenge Solves Everything

User Rating: 9 | Dishonored X360
From Developer Arkane Studios & Publisher Bethesda comes a new Action/Stealth game that defines the word "Amazing" called Dishonored. Set in the City of Dunwall, you play as Protaganist Corvo Attano, who was framed for the murder of the Empress he used to protect. Now as a gifted Assassin all he can think of is revenge, so he must use an Arsenal of supernatural powers & deadly weapons to sneak, shoot & stab your way through a dystopian city in order to despose a cruel Tyrant. The Story is Phenomenal, Gameplay & Combat is similar to Bioshock meets Deus-Ex but in a good sneak & kill kind of way. Voice Cast & Stylish Character Design help bring the characters to life. Art Design is insanely incredible, & Soundtrack is an epic masterpiece. Level Design is consistent enough to make such moments easy to avoid when you get the hang of it. With its lovely design of the city come to life, all of Dunwall has spacious enviroments riddled with pathways & secrets. Dishonored is somewhat of an open world & a challenging game. Even if your not interested in sneaking, you can always choose to kill your enemies up close & personal or go for that "No Killing" challenge in other words choose to walk the bloody path of brutal vengeance or take the non-lethal high road & rise above the violence that suffuced the city. Your actions have small, yet tangible consequences throughout your quest, & it's up to you to decide what kind of retribution you want. Gotta hand it to Arkane's Art Team led by director Sebastien Miston & Zenimax also visual design director Viktor Antonov to merge a stylized London-like city with Steampunk elements which affects everything from the ornate clothing styles, to the sharp lines of the machines to help distinguish the setting. Dishonored gets a 9 out of 10.