This is what Resident Evil would be if you were a demon amidst the monsters

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry (Platinum) PS2
It's amazing the effect some games have on people. Some of them grow old after you play them one or two times. Devil May Cry definitely is not one of those. I'm the kind of person who usually likes the games from the new generation and complains about bad controls or bad cameras from the previous games and... well, I have to admit that Devil May Cry does have a couple of annoying camera problems. In spite of that, it is one of those games you have to finish in one go otherwise you won't feel satisfied.

In this game you control a demon hunter called Dante, who runs a demon hunting agency called "Devil May Cry". Action seems to heat up when a mysterious woman called "Trish" shows up and tries to kill him... and then states that she needs his help.

This game does have its problems, I won't deny it. I had to struggle a bit with the cameras and it seems specially annoying to jump from one place to the other when the camera changes right after you jumped. The game does try to make the necessary jump corrections for you, but you will still have problems with this aspect. Either this or not being able to see much in the dark scenarios.
As for the rest of it, I think I can say the game is very smooth. The puzzles are not absurdly complex (although they WILL make you go through the same place more than once), the enemies and bosses are very unique and each of them offers a different challenge.
The controls responses are pretty neat, although I did miss some actions like dodging or changing the target focus.
You can make your character stronger by collecting Red Orbs and exchanging them by abilities in certain points of the game.
The game is divided by missions and most of them are short. Each mission gives you a couple of "simple" objectives, like "head north of a certain place" or "defeat a certain enemy", so you will not get lost very often. People who are not very familiar with adventure games will be happy to know that you can collect and accumulate a couple of defensive/healing items to use throughout the missions. They can be replenished with the same Orbs you use to acquire abilities. The player will also acquire different weapons during the game, which is great. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Even though the game is not quite long, there are several difficulties that can be set, each of them offering the player a different kind of challenge. Other than this, there aren't many extras.

In the mood for a nice action game with a good, simple story? This is the one.