Two words: Complete Insanity!

User Rating: 10 | Devil May Cry (Platinum) PS2
I have to say when I picked up this game I had some pretty lofty expectations. I wanted a game that could push my PS2 to its limits and give me a hardcore gaming and rockin experience. Well if that's what you want, go no further than Devil May Cry. Next to Metal Gear Solid and The Legend of Zelda I have never been so immersed in a game. Right from the get go Dante is one badass rock hard dude, him and Snake are my all time favorite characters in games. Everything in this game is incredible, the gothic architecture, the music, Dante, the difficulty and the graphics. There really are no flaws in this game to speak of. The only thing that can be said comes up short for some is the difficulty. Some gamers may be turned off by how hard it is. This game will truly test your limits as a gamer, certainly not for the average player. The camera is the only other thing that may confuse some gamers, while not terribly hard to follow, the game sometimes leads Dante down a narrow and dark hallway in which the camera is fixed. It's not the most deplorable of systems but it can take a little getting used to. The combat system is THE best around. You can spend hours just slashing away at the hoards of demons you must face. With the awesome weapons you get throughout the game, and the different ways you must use them, combat never feels repetitive. All of the designs in the game are some of the best around as well. The gothic architecture is spot on straight from the churches of France and Italy. You can just feel the theology that is pouring out of this game, from Dante himself to the fighting of demons, to using holy water, to the Cathedrals themselves. The gripping story is another reason to love this game; you can feel the anger and pain of Dante and his moral cause against the devil. Well back to the game itself, the bosses Dante faces are next to unforgettable. The first battle against Phantom (the fire spider) is not only hard as hell but rewarding. The same goes for Nelo Angelo and all the other bosses up to Sparda. Everyone requires a new skill level and tactics for defeating them. The music is not only fantastic but perfect, there is no other kind of music for this game and I must say that having a hard rock soundtrack in a game is a sigh of relief. So many times I find myself playing a game and wanting to mute the soundtrack because the atmosphere just isn't right. Not the case here, the gun shots and sword swings echo perfectly with the rockin score. Dante is one rock star of a character and his clothes and hair are perfectly suited for the demon slaying game. When I first picked up the game I was awed by the detail in the graphics, this was one of the first PS2 games and I must say that I was completely satisfied with my PS2 at the time. The team must have worked long and hard for such a breathtaking looking game. My hat is totally off to the development team for this offering. Since playing this game I have become a huge DMC fan and I can't recommend this game enough for those who want to play a fast paced hard rock asskicking game.