A great way to start an awesome series.

User Rating: 9.4 | Devil May Cry (Platinum) PS2
When a game has a title as cool as Devil May Cry, you already know it’s a winner. However, the game itself proves to be one of the most enjoyable virtual journeys that have come around in a long time. Its like this, you play Dante, a half-demon, half-human who is the son of the legendary Dark Knight Sparda. Sparda is a famous demon who fought against his own kind to bring peace and order back to the human world. Dante is following his father's footsteps in some respects by opening his own demon exterminator business if you will. One faithful day a woman named Trish, who looks remarkably like Dante's mother, crash's into his store on a motorcycle and leads Dante to his first big adventure within this huge castle. In this castle and the surrounding landscape, Dante will defeat many foes, go through some shocking experiences and unravel the mystery of the evil Mundus. That's basically all you will get from me without spoiling too much.