Didn’t convert me to team AI, but very well done

User Rating: 8 | Detroit: Become Human PC


  • Graphics

  • Story

  • Impactful decisions

    • I only played through once, but it really seemed like the story could’ve branched in quite a few different directions

  • Thought provoking

    • I probably got the worst endings. I learned from Fallout 4 that I’m not really a robot’s rights guy. The game does have some very moving moments and got closer than anything ever has to suading me.

  • Voice acting

  • Decisions don’t always go the way you think


  • Some of the characters were really bland (almost robotic!)

  • The telltale style controls were well done, but there wasn’t much else in the way of “gameplay”


  • Story ********* 9/10

  • Gameplay ******* 7/10

  • Atmosphere ******** 8/10

  • Overall ******** 8/10


  • Story (characters, narrative, depth, pace, role playing)

  • Gameplay (mechanics, fun factor, level design)

  • Atmosphere (graphics, environment, mood)