A must play for anyone, even if you are not a gamer

User Rating: 10 | Detroit: Become Human PC

This is a marvelous cinematic experience, that took a lot of effort and work of hundreds of people to be created, with beautiful presentation, music, superb story and perfectly crafted backgrounds and futuristic settings. I want all my games to look like that!

The reviews of gaming sites don't do justice for this masterpiece, I replayed it twice (once with a good ending, and once with a bad one) and watched a lot of videos on Youtube on different outcomes that result from your choices throughout the game. Even the minor choices, or failed QTE-s have an impact on how the game will end, and question your morality, though the short answers on some questions are a little vague.

And I thought the consequences in Life is Strange 2 or Tell me why games were many, I mean this game is massive, with 100+ endings and variations for all the main characters.

Also, the extras and collectibles are fantastic, magazines that tell futuristic stories, secret endings, making of videos, and my favourite - the artwork are impressive in this game.

PS: Opened my appetite to watch the "Raised by the wolves" series, feels like a perfect continuation on the androids subject.