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  • fursecu wrote a review of Control: Ultimate Edition.
    User Rating 9
    Beautiful but not for everyone

    Beautiful game, but not for everyone.The gameplay is pretty intense, but even though it's getting repetitive until the end, I've really enjoyed the mechanics behind it, its universe and themes.The sto...

  • fursecu wrote a review of Tell Me Why.
    User Rating 10
    Beautiful drama

    I am a big fan of this type of games, I absolutely loved the Life is Strange series, that's why I can rate this one any lower, even though it's not really on the same level as previous ones, having fe...

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    wow, this review is pretty bad and useless.. I mean, this is not a game!

  • fursecu wrote a review of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
    User Rating 9
    Very hard

    Wow, this one improves all the other aspects of the previous game in the series but it's also more challenging and difficult, especially on the later levels, it's insane, I had to install a trainer to...

  • fursecu wrote a review of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition.
    User Rating 9
    Good, but hard - even on Easy difficulty

    I am not a fan of this kind of Metroidvania games (though I previously enjoyed Trine 1, Trine 2 and yet another insanely difficult game - Cuphead), but I heard good things about Ori series and decided...

  • fursecu wrote a review of Observer.
    User Rating 9
    Actually very good

    Gotta say this was a very good game, with a gripping story, similar to SOMA (though I enjoyed SOMA more).I actually needed a walkthrough for this one too, because the game lacks some cues on how to pr...

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  • fursecu wrote a review of Blair Witch.
    User Rating 8
    Very scary

    Gotta say it's one of the most scariest games I've ever played, really creepy and slow paced, especially those tree monsters gave me shivers down my spine everytime I met them.Anyway, managed to play ...

  • fursecu wrote a review of Deliver Us The Moon.
    User Rating 9
    What a gem

    This was a nice surprise, reminded me of Prey and Dead Space, but with other small surprising scenes, like driving the vehicles on the Moon surface and laser cutting. The sound is beautiful and works ...

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  • fursecu wrote a review of Yakuza 0.
    User Rating 9
    Nice story

    - Great deep story, a little bit slow paced for my taste, but still managed to have a lot of fun, especially with those wacky substories and mini-games, incredible creativity, similar to GTA series- ...

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  • fursecu wrote a review of Observation.
    User Rating 9
    Not for everyone

    This game is not for your everyday average casual gamer, and I felt that myself. I was really frustrated by the lack of instructions on missions, hard puzzles that required memory and attention, I con...

  • fursecu wrote a review of Forza Horizon 4.
    User Rating 10
    Best racing game

    I play for almost 25 years now and this is by far the best racing game out there, the physics, the driving, the customization you can make on gameplay, it's just brilliant. The details are insane, wea...

  • fursecu wrote a review of A Plague Tale: Innocence.
    User Rating 9
    Fantastic tale

    Amazing tale inspired from the paintings of Claude Lorrain, loved every minute of it, and managed to get all the collectibles, which happens so rare in a game for me. The gameplay feels repetitive som...