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  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Song of Farca.
    User Rating 7
    More Good Than Bad

    Song of Farca was a bit of a roller coaster. I started out really not liking the main character of Izzy. She just got on my nerves being an idealistic idiot who criticizes people for things she does ...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition (Enhanced Edition).
    User Rating 8
    At It's Core It's Pure Fun Regardless of Flaws

    I will say right off the bat that I didn’t notice a lot of difference between the original Borderlands and the Enhanced version when it comes to visuals. That being said this was always a game ...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Lust Theory Season 1.
    User Rating 6
    Lacking in Many Areas

    I’ve played a few games from Inceton now and my opinion varies. With Lust Theory it is pretty similar to my thoughts of Summer with Mia in that I found it too hard to root for the main characte...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante.
    User Rating 6
    Great Start but Poor Save System and Chapter IV Sunk It

    In the first few chapters I was amazed by The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante. The story branching was fantastic in that I could tell from a logical standpoint why certain choices were not available...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Alpha Prime.
    User Rating 7
    Not Innovative But Competent and Fun

    I usually find most good games can be lumped into two categories: either they are innovative but a tad buggy or they are polished but a tried and true formula. Alpha Prime is certainly the latter. Yo...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Martial Law.
    User Rating 8
    Heartwarming Story Carries It

    Martial Law is a simple game but has a good story and blend of comedy and seriousness. The game play is basically you moving along the street and making choices about situations and people you encoun...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Awkward Dimensions Redux.
    User Rating 4
    No Purpose or Consistent Theme

    I have nothing against abstract games but Awkward Dimensions Redux just felt like a mashup of ideas with little to no point or theme except to be weird. Each level is basically finding the exit or us...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Inside Jennifer - Season 1.
    User Rating 7
    Has Minor Issuies But Solid Overall

    I was kind of worried that Inside Jennifer would limit me to having Jennifer be either a slut or a weak person who gets steam rolled into bad situations. I’m sure those exist but on my first pl...

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  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Change the World.
    User Rating 6
    Good World Building but Poor Branching

    Change the World did one thing to anger me but it was a big thing. It lists multiple endings on the store page and while it’s not outright lying it also isn’t totally honest. There is rea...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Missing Hiker.
    User Rating 7
    Good Atmosphere but Lacks Polish and Depth

    Missing Hiker has a good premise and makes decent use of it’s short run time. I could easily say that it could have had more depth and answered more questions but the game is up front about onl...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Deluge: Threnody of Crashing Waves.
    User Rating 8
    Mediocre Endings But Everything Before Was Fantastic

    Visual novels like Deluge are why I am so hard on games in this genre that are free. It has excellent production values from the menu to the models to the music that I am not afraid to point out othe...

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  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of A Short Hike.
    User Rating 8
    Great Variety and Simply Fun

    A Short Hike can come off as a very simple game but it does have some unexpected depth to it. The overall goal is to make it to the top of the peak. In order to do so you must get a certain amount of...

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  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of Summer with Mia Season 1.
    User Rating 6
    Poor Characters and Lack of Branching

    I started off with a pretty high opinion of Summer With Mia but by the end had some interesting issues. The biggest being that I see few if any characters to root for. The main character; Mia; Emma; ...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of A Night in the Woods.
    User Rating 3
    Too Many Negatives to Be Worthwhile

    I enjoyed the other game made by Patchwork Doll Games “Trigger” so I had high hopes for A Night in the Woods but it was way too rough for me to enjoy. There is little to no narrative. How...

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  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of The Monster Inside.
    User Rating 7
    Decent Game But Avoid Steam Version For Linux Users

    Overall The Monster Inside is a decent game but I can’t recommend the Steam version as it is riddled with bugs. The game wouldn’t save, it’s supposed to after each chapter, but neve...

  • ShylockSimmonz wrote a review of ShadowSide.
    User Rating 6
    Narrative Goes Off the Rails and Many Technical Issues

    Shadowside was a real roller coaster but not in a good way. I started off willing to quit the game by the second chapter because I loathed the save system and had encountered a lot of technical issue...