Unlimited combat combos, creative character and world design, Feel Like A Boss!

User Rating: 10 | Darksiders PC
I am a FPS fan and I only play 3PS occassionally when FPS becomes frustrating. I bought and played Darksiders actually with the purpose of preparing for the much anticipated Darksiders2 with no big expectations. However, my experience in Darksiders totally blew me away!

I never expected a 2010 3PS hack and slash game to play so well, with such great graphics and gameplay design! Even for a FPS fan, playing as War in Darksiders is so incredibly satisfying! Great atmosphere, sound track, character design, story, character progression totally took me into the world of darksiders.

What I love best about darksiders are:

1. COMBOs! The weapon combos are limited only by your own imagination! In fact, I have heard of people chaining up to hundreds of hits combo while I have done 59 so far as my max! Seeing the fury of strokes and effects is totally satisfying! You feel like a boss!

2. Death Strikes! Yes, own enemies like a boss with death strikes!

3. Interesting areas and puzzles. Yes, its not just hack and slash. The puzzles in the dungeons are old school but are good enough to make you feel very good about your intelligence everytime.

Darksiders has always been about creative designs, both the world and the characters. I was looking forward to that in darksiders2 but am pleasantly surprised to the same treat in Darksiders.

This is a great game for spending hours without getting bored. You just want to keep going and going.