Even if a mix of God Of War and others...it is an A.W.E.S.O.M.E game!!!(Period)

User Rating: 9 | Darksiders PC
Bla bla bla... many said all kind of stupid things in their reviews so I will keep it simple and will elaborate on the aspects which I found unique and very cool:

- Graphics 10/10. Yes IT IS a game that has been ported to PC but the graphical engine looks and performs awesome.
- Sound 10/10. Personally I really loved the music in this game, mainly the main theme and the credits theme but the rest are as epic and dark as those two.
- Gameplay 9/10. Here I will elaborate some more. The slashing moments are satisfying enough. I personally liked the choice to either beat an enemy to death or "execute" him. A big "-" goes for the equipment binding option. Later in the game you will have like 6-8 equipments that can be binded to only 4 slots and thus resulting in a frequently option menu to-do stuff.
- I loved the way they used the portals idea from Valve's "Portal" game.
- I loved the idea from Crystal Dynamic's "Soul Reaver" games.(the shadow wings).
- I loved the idea of having 2 ranged weapons: one normal for killing and an utility oriented one (that can attack multiple targets).
- I reaaaally loved the replay value of the areas: For some loot you must come back to previously visited areas once you acquired a certain piece of equipment. Also new monsters will spawn to these areas in concordance to "your level" (how far you are ingame).
- I loved "Ruin" (my horse) and the grappling hook imported from "Tomb Raider".
- I loved that I can collect relics and that awesome armor.
- Personally I loved the beginning of the story. Not to many games let you play during the Apocalypse. The rest of the story proved good : The fallen angel.
- I loved the puzzles. Some of them put you in "thinking mode".

- I played using an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows so I don't really know how the keyboard & mouse controls are and I saw that sometimes the commands
aren't very responsive.

- For nVidia 3D Vision users, this games performs very good in 3D Vision with minor tweaks even with the lack of a proper profile. I played the game from 0 to 100% in stereoscopic 3D.

Overall this is a game I really love, and I played God Of War 1,2, but somehow I like this one more even with the story not being as epic as in the 1st God Of War.

Hope this helps.