Devil May Cry+God of War=Darksiders! Amazing game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Darksiders PC
The game is very cool.I know a lot of people always moan about games that steal other games' characteristics and game play.But everything is cool with that!Great melee combat and graphics proves that games like God Of War III should come out for pc and not only for PS 3.But if SC EE (Sony computer entertainment Europe) has the copyrights then we can do nothing about it.

In this game you play as one of the horsemen(good guys) who fights demons and angels(bad guys) in a post apocalyptic world and you use swords,guns,sickles and much more to fight back.But the best feature about this game is the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor and make them cooler!There is also a black horse which you ride and you can pretty much fight from the horses back using your gun or sword!

The games' controls are good but sometimes they do get a bit difficult to use as there are many moves assigned to a button.Sound and graphics are pretty good also.I would prefer some more music while playing so that the game could be more epic!

All in all:
1)Great and open maps.
2)Epic moments.
3)Great moves and combos with sword,gun and sickle at the same time.
4)Cool bosses... BUT
5)Controls are a minus.

Sound and music:7/10
Story:(pretty much the same stuff) 6/10
Weapons and cool abilities:8/10

overall:8/10 but 0.5 is a bonus because it came out on pc!