An enjoyable multiplayer based game that lets you create your own weapons of war.

User Rating: 8 | Chromehounds X360
ChromeHounds is a game for players who love giant robots.
This game is not for the average run-and-gun FPS gamer who wants a quick match.
There is alot of patience involved. Multiplayer matches take around 5-15 min inbetween and inside the battle alot of walking around and scanning around for enemies is involved.
Weapons are fairly balanced and teamwork is a must during a fight.
The single player aspect is lacking, but it teaches you the basics of mech-warfare for each hound class.
So by the time u play u have a chance to outwit your opponent.
Alot of time is spent making sure your mech is the way YOU WANT it.
Seems very confusing at first but if u fiddle with your designs a bit u get a handle on how to push speed, armor or whatever u like.
This game was very enjoyable for me and I hope a sequel is in the works.
This game has its flaws afcourse, the most notable being the wait, but if u can overlook that annoyance than you should get this game.