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Chromehounds Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    You can get achievements for doing certain tasks in single play and multiplay modes. These achievements count to your gamerscore for your gamercard.

    There are 49 in all and will give you 1000 gamerscore points in all.

    Achievement Achievement
    Complete all missions in Story Mode. All Tact. Complete (20)
    Deploy on bipedal Chassis 50 times. Biped Specialist (20)
    Win 5 times w/o attacking enemy Bloodless Award
    Secure COMBASs total of 100 times. Bronze Flag (20)
    Destroy enemy HQ and win 50 times Bronze Hammer (20)
    Stay w/ same nation for 3 seasons. Bronze Patriot (20)
    Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs. Bronze Wing (20)
    Affiliated nation destroys another. Capital Occupation (20)
    Win 10 times when outnumbered Combat Award (20)
    Complete Commander arc in Story Mode. Command Complete (20)
    Commander experience level maxed out. Command Valor (20)
    Wipe out enemy and live 100 times. Crushing Award (20)
    Complete Defender arc in Story Mode. Defense Complete (20)
    Defender experience level maxed out. Defense Valor (20)
    Awarded for destroying the unidentified enemy weapon Distinguished Service (20)
    #1 in seasonal fame at end. Gold Cross (20)
    #1 in total fame for a given period. Gold Eagle (20)
    #1 in average seasonal fame at end. Gold Hexagon (20)
    #1 in seasonal conquest points at end. Gold Lion (20)
    #1 in total conquest pts for period. Gold Sword Cross (20)
    #1 in avg total fame for a given period. Gold Wing (20)
    Complete H. Gunner arc in Story Mode. Gunner Complete (20)
    H. Gunner experience level maxed out. Gunner Valor (20)
    Own 1 of each part. Hound Specialist (20)
    Deploy on hover Chassis 50 times. Hover Specialist (20)
    End 5 times in a row w/o killing enemy Humane Award
    Deploy on inverse Chassis 50 times. Inverse Specialist (20)
    Travel total of 1000000. Marching Service (20)
    Deploy total of 300 times or more. Military Service (20)
    Deploy on multi Chassis 50 times. Multi Spec. (20)
    Successfully revive affiliated nation. Nation Resurrector (20)
    Affiliated nation wins Neroimus War. Neroimus War Medal (40)
    Win a total of 100 times or more. Red Flag (20)
    Complete Scout arc in Story Mode. Scout Complete (20)
    Scout experience level maxed out. Scout Valor (20)
    Secure COMBASs total of 300 times. Silver Flag (20)
    Destroy enemy HQ and win 100 times. Silver Hammer (20)
    Donate to affiliate nation 1 time Silver Patriot (20)
    Destroy total of 100 enemy HOUNDs. Silver Wing (20)
    Complete Sniper arc in Story Mode. Sniper Complete (20)
    Sniper experience level maxed out. Sniper Valor (20)
    Complete Soldier arc in Story Mode. Soldier Complete (20)
    Soldier experience level maxed out. Soldier Valor (20)
    Attack opponent first 30 times. Storming Award (20)
    Return alive 10 times or more in a row. Survival Award (20)
    Top marks in every Story Mode mission. Tact. Instructor (20)
    Deploy to every battlefield once. Touring Service (20)
    Deploy on treaded Chassis 50 times. Tread Spec. (20)
    Deploy on wheeled Chassis 50 times. Wheel Specialist (20)

    Contributed by: Shadow., furyhawk, Kcappa 

  2. Secret Neromius War Misson: Unidentified Weapon Appears

    Each nation possesses a huge secret weapon, and it must be defeated to get an Achievement. In order for it to appear, the Nation must control less than 10 Battlefields, and have lost the battlefield and area where the weapon appears- then it must take it back and control the UW's battlefield when the area is retaken. The mission appears for about an hour once the conditions are met. Completing the mission grants an Achievement and 3000 Valor EXP for all RTs.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    South Cemo Oil Fields, Gazi Ghalib (Sal Kar)
    Wakool, Balares M-99 Patriot (Tarakia)
    East Salma Woods, Xivera MSK-X0 (Morskoj)

    Contributed by: Airship_Canon 

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