Great use of both tactics and stratigy. The heavier Hounds doe seem slow, but clearly make up for it with add-ons,......

User Rating: 9.1 | Chromehounds X360
This game is both creative and yet lacking. The singleplayer acts as no more then a tutorial for the MP, which the game clearly circles around. Each of the Hound models are set for that exact mission, but you'll hate the standard (borrowed) and want to design you're own. That's only optional after you beat that level and open the free-play mode.

The opening of parts, add-ons, and colors does make it worth while to try your best, but it's to saturated with items to make your mech look good rather then function better, or heavier weapons. Still, it is a joy to unlock that new sniper cannon that really gives Defenders a beating.

Many think: "Guns, guns, and more guns!", but there's more to the weapons then what meets eye. Such an example is of the Scout. Clearly not a weapons heavy Hound, but if you strap on two mine layers along with the standard sensors and long-range communications enhancements, then you've now became a secret defender of a com-tower or base. Don't forget that there are jammers that will nullify a Hounds communications. So, catch a stray from the pack, down his communications, and signal a highlander-snipe to take him out.

That's mostly the rundown of the MP. It's just different for each Hound depending on the way you make it. The main thing to remember is that "you're not alone, your a part of a team." And make sure that every team member know their role and how to follow commands. Because one loose soldier could cost you the entire battle and that territory.

The graphics are beyond spectacular. The smoke and flames add to the beauty of the partical effects in the debre. But, the sound was a real let down. One track: That's all there is. And a gloomy one at that. Luckily, with the 360, there is the option to drown out the background music with you're own music. So, the music may bite, but it's easily fixed to you're style.

I've read several peps over the net saying that gameplay is slow and docial, but they're all comparing it to Mechassault. It's not a sequal. it's not a mock up. It's in no relation to Mechassault at all. This game is a stand alone next-gen mech sim and a great one at that.