The most addicting online game since Halo.

User Rating: 9.1 | Chromehounds X360
This game may revolutionize online gaming as we know it. Instead of pitting 16 players against eachother on the same maps over and over trying to build up a winning record it lets you fight for territory. Territory on a map with three countries where you can choose you allegiance. Fight for Tarakia, Morskoj, or Sal Kar. You are a Mercenary capable of winning the war for whomever you choose. It is an online game that has more of a point then trying to elevate a little number. Of course you have all that with the ranks but there is so much more to it. Money, Power, Skill...all three blended together to balance the onlien experience. To have money you need Skill, to have Power you need money, and to increase skill you need power. It is an endless cycle that has been absent from any game I have ever seen before.
The online gets an A++ for innovation and balance. Of course there are flaws as there are in all games but it all works out. It also gets top marks for fun. There is nothing like building a huge robot death machine and then piloting it to destroy other people's. The gameplay is fun, but the team factor adds so much more fun to it. Build or join a squad with up to twenty friends and use teamwork to eliminate your enemies and build up renown. Which will also let you gain money to upgrade your armaments. Team is more of a Factor in Chromehounds then any otehr games because it is not who your playing against but who your playing with. It is like a massive onlien coop game that you play against real people as enemies.

This game is a must buy. It has fun mech combat, unending online fun, and it is team oriented so you can have fun with your friends.

I only had a few problems with the game.

- They spent about 3% of developing time and funds on single player. The single player is not even close to its potential. It is still fun but they could have done so much more for it.

-Online Lag has been an issue since day one. We are still on those Japanese servers and tehy can't support what they are trying to now. Glitches in Joining and being in games. And sometiems squads have seperate lobbies.