Beautiful, exciting adventure game that is worth your time.

User Rating: 9 | Beyond: Two Souls PS4

I heard this game had mixed reviews so I was a bit skeptical but I ended up receiving the European version of this game on the Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls PS4 pack and I must say, this game alone is worth the price.

The graphics are beautiful. Everything looks like it was made with PS4 in mind. It's hard to believe that this was originally a PS3 game. The graphics got an upgrade from the PS3 version it seems and everything runs very smoothly at 30 FPS. It's one of the best looking games for the PS4 and everything animates perfectly and realistically.

The voice acting is perfect. Everything is well voiced and all the writing is pretty solid. I found myself falling in love with the dialog. The music also helps the mood and does everything it should.

The plot is the star of the game. It tells a compelling science fiction paranormal thriller storyline. The story got me interested from the first scene to the ending, I ended up beating it in three days but it took me about 12 hours to finish the game. The only issue with the plot is how it's told. It's told out of order, not like a linear story should be told. It feels very Quentin Tarantino inspired and while Tarantino has I feel perfected it as an art it didn't really work for this game. Though even with that being said I found the story to be very exciting but the pacing just felt off because of this odd decision. Though the PS4 version did fix this issue, I still recommend playing it as it was on the PS3 because that's how Quantic Dream intended.

The 'remixed' version which has everything in chronological order does have a misstep that needs to be noted. A few chapters are missing which makes this way feel almost like an abridged version of the game. Not sure if it was intentional or just a glitch but keep this in mind.

A lot of these games don't have that much in the way of interactivity. At times it is very cutscene heavy but with everything being so well acted it's not a bad thing. It does have interesting mechanics. There are minor technical issues, which required me to restart the game but there were only 2 or 3 times. I found the gameplay to be interesting enough to keep me enthralled and for an adventure game, it even has some minor stealth sequences that are surprisingly not terrible. It is a QTE fest game, but thankfully it has an easy mode which lets me go through it without losing too many of them. I found the QTE's were not really as bad as in other games so I could tolerate them.

All and all, if you like adventure games and a great story pick this up. It's a terrific game and story.

Graphics: 10/10




Final Score: 9/10