Whats the fuss about?

User Rating: 3 | Beyond: Two Souls PS4

I know the rating isnt really doing the game justice. The game itself looks like a mix of a girls romance, movie and would be action. Probably aimed primary at girls, I "tested" it on some and they loved the choices they could make and the story much more then I did, but we agreed on the rest. I will get to the rest later.

Graphic is decent, not something to astonish you, but does its job.

Acting is very good, you grow to like the characters, believe in most of them and their motivation. Willam Defoe is excellent, his assistant and the main character are also giving good performance.

Story... also good, better then lot of Hollywood movies.

Logic of actions, consistency and so... very bad. (You have very rare unit that can "see" through walls, manipulate and kill without a trace, but action radius of its abilities is limited... and you send it alone on a battle mission, where its abilities wouldn't be useful very much.
Really? After proper training, you are in enemy territory, you have excellent invisible scout and you manage to get surprised by a wounded kid soldier, that you can hear moaning from far away... Do I have to go on?)

Battle scenes were looking. Yet it wasn't always clear if the character is dodging or blocking, therefore making proper inputs hard.

Combat itself... ehm... doesn't exists in this game.

Camera is idiotic. Just because developers knew there is nothing on the left doesnt mean you do know it as well, but you are not allowed to turn the camera to the left. Which is great in stealth missions. Right?

Enemies... are blind, deaf, static, useless... In a country torn by war, where people should have some experience and yet they do not hear someone sprinting behind their back, even in battle zone where you can hear shots in the background they are quite relaxed and are not able to hit ...almost anything even when very close.

So... if you want the story and feelings, or to make your girl happy, go for it. Else... think twice.