Best value for the money ever

User Rating: 9 | Beyond: Two Souls PS4

I bought this game due to a good discount to PSN plus members, a full game for a total of 9 dollars.

I was originally launched for PS3. At it was released when PS4 was launched, I stopped buying PS3 games, including this one. As it was released on PS4 and the price was a good pretty low for a complete game like this.

The game is like a movie, but with several choices to make. The game have several chapters, some chapters are long with several choices to make, and some chapters are very quick and some with no choices at all.

If you want to see all the impact of the choices, you can go back to any episode (or chapter) and start over again that specific chapter (as long as to do not save the chapter replayed, you wont loss your progress, as soon as you hit continue, it will be where you left off).

Some chapters have 3 or 4 choices to make that impact the achievement. Be aware that there are chapters that can give you 4 trophies or 1 trophy depending on your choices. Be, also, aware that there are trophies related to choices from several chapters (i.e. you should always pick "kiss" option when appears to get a trophies, or let all live or let all die when you have the option to).

The graphics are normal for environment, great for the character. Soundtrack is excellent, the composer is Hans Zimmer.

The game is a total experience, everyone should try. It is a different kind of game we probably are used to, the closest to this game I've played was Heavy Rain.

Highly recommended.