Why Is Everyone So Mean To Apex Legends' Revenant?

He just wants to fit in. Give him a chance, y'all.


It's tough being the new kid, so it's really uncool that Revenant--a new playable character added to Apex Legends in Season 4: Assimilation--has to endure insults from the other legends while trying to find his place in the Apex Games. He's just trying to fit in and be the best aggressive attacker he can be.

After killing Forge and taking his place in the battle royale, Revenant was featured in a cinematic trailer that showcased his origins as a bounty hunter for the Syndicate (the group that runs the Apex Games). In the trailer, Revenant's target asks him who he is and Revenant responds with "Death." A strange nickname to be sure, but we can't judge someone for wanting to sound cool.

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But Revenant's new teammates use his nickname to make fun of him. And they're just being mean to be mean too! Of the lot, Wraith and Octane are the worst (though Bangalore and Bloodhound are pretty mean too). When playing as Revenant, my Wraith teammate helped kill someone and then turned to me to say, "Pain...death...nothing phases me." Thanks, Wraith. Thanks for belittling the strength of the new kid.

And then there's Octane, who's an even bigger jerk. "They say death catches up to everyone," the adrenaline junkie says, "Well, he can certainly try." Octane is even referring to death as a "he" in this quip. You can almost hear the smirk behind his words. The speedster has more lines like this too, like "Death keeps chasing me, but I keep him in my rearview." Glad to know that you're leaving your teammate behind to die when all he wants is to be friends and fight by your side, Octane. You're the worst.

At least Caustic is nice. Whenever I'm playing Revenant and Caustic is the jumpmaster, he screams, "I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death." That's so cute that he refers to Revenant as "his" and that he loves jumping into his arms. I bet you that they're dating.

With the start of Season 4, Apex Legends finally finishes out Year 1 and heads into Year 2. Assimilation adds way more to the game than Revenant--there's the new Sentinel sniper rifle, major map changes to World's Edge, and a battle pass. The battle pass offers over 100 rewards, including cool-looking legendary character skins, sick aerial emotes, and lore-filled loading screens.

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