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Apex Legends Bloodhound Character Tips & Guide: How To Hunt As The Technological Tracker

The hunt is on.

Combining the different abilities of your characters is essential in Apex Legends. Each fighter you can choose Respawn Entertainment's battle royale shooter is suited to a role on a three-player squad, and knowing how you can best help your team can help carry you to victory. The team dynamics add so much to the battle royale formula that Apex has managed to draw some 50 million players to the game. Each character offers a different potential experience, and honing your skills with each Legend's capabilities can help you become champion.

Players who like to take the fight straight to their opponents should check out Bloodhound. The Technological Tracker's abilities tuned for hunting down and locating other teams, and used by a smart squad, the information Bloodhound provides can change the outcome of just about any fight--especially when paired with other characters who can take away the enemy's ability to see.

We've got all the information you need below to become a capable Bloodhound player. You might also want to check out the useful information Apex Legends doesn't tell you, and read what we've discovered trying to bust myths to find out exactly what is and isn't possible in Apex Legends. You might also want to read our Apex Legends review.

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Bloodhound General Overview

Bloodhound is the only tracker character currently in the Apex roster, which gives them the unique role on a team of helping to find enemies to fight. As such, Bloodhound's a good choice if you're an aggressive player who likes to mix it up. Their abilities are all about getting you closer to enemy teams so you can take them down, and they team very well with characters like Bangalore and Caustic who can put their own capabilities to use for setting up ambushes or blinding enemy teammates.

Playing as Bloodhound is a communication-heavy role--since you're the one with all the information about where enemies have gone and where they might be, it's on you to share it with your teammates to ensure you'll prevail in the inevitable fights. Bringing all the information you can gather to bear against another team can help your squad maintain an advantage, take enemies by surprise, and win more fights. It's tempting to use Bloodhound like a lone wolf who can see through walls and stalk prey, but you'll always be stronger with the rest of your pack.

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Bloodhound's Abilities

Passive Ability: Tracker

As Bloodhound, you're going to want to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings. Your passive ability shows tracks from other players, allowing you to figure out where they've been and, potentially, where they're going. You'll also get a sense of how old the tracks are, which can let you know if you're already close to another team before they spot you.

Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather

Bloodhound's tactical ability is kind of like a sonar ping, giving you a brief look into an area and through walls to pick up on any enemies, traps, and clues in the area. It's a great way to check out your immediate surroundings as you enter somewhere new, but be warned that you're only revealing what's ahead of you. Eye of the Allfather spreads out in front of Bloodhound like a cone, rather than in all directions like a sphere. Note also that anyone can see the orange energy wave of your ping when you fire it--including opposing players. Smart ones might be able to zero your approximate location from the ping's movement and cone shape, so don't stay still once you've used it.

Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt

It takes a second to execute, but Bloodhound's ultimate is worth the wait. It more or less turns you into a killing machine, changing the look of the world so that it's black and white while highlighting enemies in red--even through walls. It also enhances your speed, making it possible to quickly close in on enemies and attack them in dangerous situations.

Tips For Playing As Bloodhound

Bloodhound is all about information. Playing as a tracker allows you to see who's been where and when, giving you a bunch of knowledge about other teams' movements. The clues you can see, which indicate where an enemy has gone and what they've interacted with, include color-coded timers so you can tell how long ago someone passed through: if the clue is red, someone is probably nearby. You can also pick up clues at range with scopes, so pay attention to your environment and soak up all the information you can get. Be sure to share what you learn with your team, as they're relying on you to lead them on the hunt.

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Eye of the Allfather is great for getting a sense of what you're walking into as you enter a new area, and it's worth using it basically all the time if you're not 100-percent sure you're alone in an area. It can let you see enemies through walls and give you better clues as to where players have passed--and positional knowledge is often the difference in a fight. Other teams might see your Eye of the Allfather wave and pick up on your presence, but the knowledge gained about enemy locations is usually worth the sacrifice.

If you're about to get into a fight and you can use it, pop Bloodhound's Beast of the Hunt ultimate. It gives you a significant edge in battle, making you quicker and highlighting enemies to make aiming easier. The highlights will also give you a sense of range on an enemy, indicated by the color red enemies appear in. Bloodhound is also great paired with Bangalore or Caustic, since you'll be able to see through smoke and gas to shoot at enemies that others can't target, and who should struggle to target you.

You can also use Beast of the Hunt for its speed boost to escape the ring and to close the distance between you and an enemy squad. Keep in mind that you're faster and therefore tougher to hit, and use that to your advantage. Try flanking enemies and getting in close when you can, while also drawing fire away from teammates who can't get out of the line of fire as quickly.

Bloodhound's abilities have a relatively short range in general, making them a good mid- to close-range fighter. Your Eye of the Allfather and Beast of the Hunt abilities are a lot less useful from far away or while sniping, so keep that in mind as you choose your weapons and cross open ground.

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