New Apex Legends Season 4 Trailer Reveals Revenant's Dark History

That little girl could also be Loba, another character possibly coming to Apex Legends.


Respawn has released the cinematic launch trailer for Season 4: Assimilation, the coming season in Apex Legends. The trailer showcases the history of Revenant, who's likely to be the season's new playable character now that Forge is dead. The ending of the trailer also possibly hints at another new legend coming to Apex Legends.

[Update: Apex Legends' big new update is here, and we have the Season 4 patch notes. These detail the true new character, Revenant, and his abilities, as well as the many other changes being introduced. There's also a Battle Pass full of new rewards to earn.]

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The trailer takes place five years after the events of Titanfall 2 (so 25 years prior to the story in Apex Legends), and begins with Revenant taking a contract for the Syndicate to kill Marcos Andrade, a gifted grifter who, according to his file, partners with his wife in "Bonnie-and-Clyde operations." You can watch the new trailer below.

For most of the trailer, Revenant sees himself as still human. However, his mission to kill Marcos runs into a snag when both the conman and his wife (along with their entourage of armed guards) put up quite a fight--leading to a piece of glass getting stuck into his neck. Catching his reflection in the mirror, he removes the glass, only for the damage to disrupt his programming and reveal to him what he truly is: a Simulacrum.

For those unaware, a Simulacrum is an android-like individual first introduced in Titanfall. They are human minds transplanted into robot bodies. Ash--a member of the main antagonists of Titanfall 2--is a Simulacrum. You can actually see her in this trailer too, prominently featured in one of the news stories that Revenant is watching in the beginning of the video. Ash chose the life of a Simulacrum for herself, though, as she was a gifted pilot who's body was one day damaged beyond repair. Given Revenant's apparent shock in the trailer, it doesn't look like becoming a Simulacrum was his choice.

A quick look at his hand at the end of the trailer reveals who is responsible for Revenant's transformation: Hammond Robotics. This is why, almost three decades later, he stabs Forge in the back on live television. Forge was sponsored by Hammond Robotics, and now Revenant seeks vengeance against the company that turned him into a living machine.

At the very end of the trailer, we see Marcos' daughter--now an orphan--angrily look up, seemingly vowing her own vengeance against Revenant for what he's done to her. Given that the girl would be in her thirties by the events of Apex Legends, receives a wolf statue from her father as a gift, and is the daughter of thieves, it's quite possible she's one of Apex Legends' upcoming characters, codenamed Loba. First called Rosie, before later files referred to her as Loba, this legend was datamined alongside Revenant and Forge back in 2019. Described as a thief, Loba could fit this girl's backstory, as "Loba" could be in reference to an eastern European fairy tale about La Loba, or the wolf woman.

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