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Apex Legends Season 4's Revenant Has Very Aggressive Abilities

So many ways to help your team by toying with others.


The passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation's Revenant have been revealed in the Season 4 patch notes. Revenant lives up to his label as an offensive character--he's basically the opposite of Wattson in every way. Whereas all three of her abilities are geared towards defense and have very little in the way of offensive potential, all three of Revenant's abilities are geared towards attacking, with nothing in the way of defense or evasion. It makes for a somewhat difficult character to use, but we have plenty of tips for playing as Revenant if you're having trouble.

Revenant's passive ability, Stalker, gives the legend tools to both engage the enemy and support his team. The skill allows Revenant to crouch walk faster and climb higher than the other legends, making it ideal for sneaking up on unsuspecting targets or circumnavigating another team's defenses and aiding your teammates' attack by swopping down from above.

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Revenant's tactical ability, Silence, allows you to fling out an orb of dark energy. Those caught in the orb's blast radius will be slightly damaged and their tactical and ultimate abilities will be disabled for 10 seconds (passive abilities are unaffected). Silence is great for leading the charge of an attack or aiding your allies if they're up close and you're sniping from afar.

Finally, Revenant's ultimate ability is Death Totem. Those who touch the totem, whether friend or foe, transform into a living shadow for a set amount of time. While a shadow, you won't take shield damage--only health. Those killed while in their shadow form will simply return to the location of the totem, removing the risk of being downed when pushing on an enemy team. However, even though your shields will be intact, you'll have almost no health, so you may want to heal before pushing again.

Assimilation has officially begun, putting an end to Year 1, and the new season brings with it several significant map changes to World's Edge and a brand-new sniper rifle called the Sentinel. Kings Canyon will make its return, though not at the start of the season. Assimilation also adds a new battle pass, which contains several cool-looking rare and legendary skins that transform some of the legends into simulacrums like Revenant.

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