What Overwatch 2 Means For Current Players

Progress and cosmetics carry over, but you'll miss out on some new features.


BlizzCon 2019 brought some major news for Blizzard games; the opening ceremony opened with Diablo 4 and closed with confirmation of Overwatch 2. But with the original Overwatch being a live-service game that's very much alive and kicking, you may have questions about what the sequel means for current players--here's what we know so far about what will happen if you plan to continue playing the version of Overwatch you may already own.

Will I Get Updates For Maps, Modes, And Heroes?

Players of the original game will be able to play with Overwatch 2 players in the traditional PvP team-based mode. Game director Jeff Kaplan said, "with over 50 million players, the last thing we want to do is split the community." The first Overwatch will also get all the updates to PvP which include new maps, the new competitive mode called Push, and upcoming heroes.

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One of the next maps was confirmed to be Toronto, which is the first one set in Canada and has a lush metropolitan look with a statue of a hockey player (of course). Push will be a core competitive mode in the rotation where two teams push a robot across the map with barricades obstructing the path. And the next hero Sojourn will join the roster; she's been involved with the story, but soon she'll be playable. All this content will be made available for all Overwatch players.

What About My Current Progress and Cosmetics?

If you've poured a ton of time and money into the original game and have cosmetics and progress you don't want to let go of, but are considering making the move when the time comes, don't worry. Kaplan confirmed that all your current cosmetics and progress will carry over into Overwatch 2. Blizzard is calling this a "shared multiplayer environment," so "no one gets left behind." Overwatch as a whole is getting a visual revamp with updated character designs as well.

What Do I Miss Out On If I Don't Get Overwatch 2?

If you don't make the jump to Overwatch 2, you will miss out on a lot of new content outside of PvP, however. Overwatch 2 will feature Story Missions which focus on the series' lore and narrative through PvE scenarios (Rio de Janeiro is the first one which is playable at BlizzCon 2019)--the mode said to be a "complete story experience."

There are also Hero Missions, which are said to be "highly replayable co-op" scenarios that revolve around individual character progression by leveling up and customizing different abilities and talents. Kaplan compared it to Diablo's Adventure Mode.

What We Still Don't Know

We're not exactly sure how Blizzard is going to be delivering Overwatch 2. Is it a separate game we purchase? Is it some sort of paid thing that updates your current client? How much will it cost and is there a discount for current players? Kaplan said that the team is trying to redefine what it means to be a sequel, and it certainly seems like a new approach to creating a sequel, especially for Overwatch being a live-service game. We will update this article as we get more details.

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